US Patent Application 10/710,469 was issued as U S  Patent 7077047 on July 18, 2006.
Note the incorrect inventors address on page one... .
I haven't had this address since about 3, 2005. 
My correct  address at patent issue time is correctly listed on page one as the correspondence address of the Pto's publication of the application for this patent  and in the Pto file for this patent.
The patent should also include a substitute specification amendment (which includes my finger prints as additional ID) (see the file wrapper file) to correct the massive spelling and grammatical errors,  it doesn't. 
The incorrect inventor's address published in the patent and the missing substitute specification file with its included finger print I.D. file (IDIMAGEG.tiff) in the file wrapper gives the situation and unusual spin. 
Draw your own conclusions.
With reference to the links on the right:
1.)  Permits viewing the individual pages of patent 7,077,047 on line.
2.)  Is a self extracting zip file for downloading which includes the Pto's tiff and html files of  7,077,047.
3.)  Is the Pto's PDF file of the patent's  file wrapper. (Recordation of all official correspondence relative  said patent.)
     Note the references to the substitute specification amendment that was supposed to be part  of the issued patent.
     [This file may be viewed on line or downloaded.]
4.)  The forth file is the Pto's PDF file of the substitute specification (note reference to it in the file wrapper) that is miss-
      ing from the issued patent.
     This substitute specification corrected the massive spelling and grammatical errors of the specification now part of
     the issued US  Patent  and included file IDIMAGEG.tiff with my finger prints.  Said PDF file lists the tiff file but does
     not show the images.   [ This file can be downloaded or viewed on line.]
5.)  The fifth file is the original  Word document of the substitute specification  (for downloading).
6.) The sixth file is a self extracting zip file of the four pdf files comprising the missing substitute specification (for
7.) The Seventh file is the pto published html file of  patent 7,077,04



*Pto is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office