The contents of this page are from "ELEMENTS OF FRASCA ROTARY ENGINE DESIGN"* 
*Copyright © 1998 by Joseph F. Frasca


The FRE technology can be the seed technology for a group of new industries which might also be patent protected industries.

One such new industry might evolve to manufacture the liquid fuel vaporization-fuel injection system, particularly if the system were patented. 

Although major aspects of this technology might be anticipated by fuel handling and processing systems in the rocket and jet engine arts, and unpatentable; innovative improvements in such systems as applicable to FRE may be patentable.

Another such industry might evolve to produce FRE combustion monitoring and control devices.

Unlike the cylinder heads of reciprocating engines, the face surface at each VVC in a FRE is free of obstructions; therefore, sensors to monitor the combustion processes in each VVC can be mounted on the face surface at each chamber.

The sensors and their output can then be used in a patentable manner to enhance the efficiency of the FRE, and/or its fuel, and/or its intake air, and/or its exhaust handling.

Other new and patent protected products (industries) unique to and resultant FRE development might evolve from design work to develop:

low inertia partitions,
annular cavity circumference flow limiters,
partition slot flow limiters,
hydraulic partition pivot bearings,
hydraulic main bearings,
rotor fuel pumps and fuel feed systems (and fuel mixing?), and
rotor cam lubricant application systems, among others.

FRE of one design or another are applicable where other types of IC engines are in use today.

The simplicity of the very low pressure FRE and its compatibility to gaseous fuels such as natural gas, and propane, etc. makes it attractive for use in a home electric generator.

In addition, the electric generator FRE exhaust can be used to fire one of today's admirably efficient boilers for heat and hot water.

Thus an efficient gas fired home utility unite which supplies not only heat and hot water but also electricity seems more then feasible and at an energy cost comparable to that required for just hot water and heat.

Higher compression, more efficient, FRE are likewise so applicable; however, their use would entail a much larger initial investment.